Tudo as coisas ou algo assim

quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Vendetta - Dead People Are Cool

Dead People Are Cool

There's people on the outside
There's freedom where they d'well
The spheres they're populating
Can't be like hell on earth
Coz we're learning, what's meant with calm and peace
Wish I could see the outside, where all is free

Mistreated and fucked up
The waters where I dive
Lost and cheated I'm creeping
I'm bound to follow the sundown of human rites
Feel sorrow, the pablum of death

Frustration, the centre of my life, day and night
I feel exploited and violated
I feel crushed and I feel down
Please do not tell me that you would show consideration
Of my heart, this is so fragile, or just of my soul

Dead people are cool