Tudo as coisas ou algo assim

terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

Swashbuckle - Drink Up

Drink Up

Forever again will we hail
Upon this nautical hell, we sail
Through the moonless nights
Across the seas of death, we'll fight

Slash of the saber sword
Lift the curse and be restored
We're pirates!
We aim to kill!
No prisoners - our code fulfilled

Pass the Ale
Pass the Rum
By nights embrace
our bodies numb

Drink up me matey's YO HO! YO HO!
Drink up me matey's YO HO!

Mighty cannon's roar into the sky
Burning chainshot - our foes reply
The Black One's beard is burning bright
A tour of duty of epic might
For honor
For glory
For lore and sacred story