Tudo as coisas ou algo assim

quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Alestorm - Midget Saw

Midget Saw

Who's that short man what does he do?
He killed that monkey with his shoe!
Why that monkey? Why his boot?
Cos he had a belly full of loot!

The monkey needs his damn revenge!
That poor creature we'll avenge!

Midget Saw, a deadly fate
Chopped up limbs become shark bait
Midget Saw, the pirate's code
It says that both your legs must go
Chopped to pieces
Ripped to shreds
You're gonna wish that you were dead!

Grab him by his manky hair
And strap him to that table there
This pirate's not gonna walk again
He's in for a world of nasty pain!

Slap that midget with an oar
Remove his legs with a saw!