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quinta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2014

Swashbuckle - We Sunk Your Battleship

We Sunk Your Battleship

B5 hit or miss?! Fire the cannon, let 'em rip!
Some extra powder to do the trick!
Exploding hull must make you sick! Battleship, Battleship
We sunk your battleship!
D3! Hit or miss?! Evade your fire and give the slip! Only to put you in death's grip!
Watch you sink into the drip!, Battleship, Battleship
We sunk your Battle ship!
C4! Hit or miss?! You suck as pirates and you won't be missed! Ye be left with no pot to piss!
A permanent vacation in the black abyss! Battleship, Battleship, We sunk your Battleship!
E6! Hit or miss?! Your boat ablaze in mist! To destroy your vessel is complete bliss!
It's our pleasure to sink you battleship!
Battleshio, Battleship, We sunk sunk your Battleship!!