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terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Running Wild - Pirate Song

Pirate Song
Running Wild

Rising the flag on the masthead 
The sails and the ropes' holding tight 
The gunners are eager to fire 
Well prepared for the fight

Fight, flee or surrender 
Defeat you can't deny 
Better give up in the first place 
Or drown in the blink of an eye

Gold, jewels and diamonds 
The price we'll have to claim 
Noble rogues are standing 
We'll never quit in the game

We gonna ride the sea, we pray to the wind and the glory 
That's why we are raging wild and free

Come sing along with the pirate song 
Hail to the wind, hooray to the glory 
We're gonna fight 'til the battle's won 
On the raging sea

No way to move your deadlocked 
Nailed down by feu-eclair 
Lead is carrying fire 
Victory's noble and fair