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sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2014

The Animals - Talking About You

Talking About You
The Animals

Ah, ha, ha, ha, da, dah-um-dah 
Ah, ha, ha, dah-um-dah, da 
Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha 
Ah, ha, ha-um-ha da

Who knows how to love me (talkin' about you) 
In my way (talkin' about you) 
Nobody but you (talkin' about you) 
Talkin' about you (talkin' about you) 
You know how to love me 
In my way 
Nobody but you 
I do mean you, you, you! 
Know how to love me 
In my way 
You're always there 
Every night and day 
Nobody but you 
I do mean you 
Talkin' 'bout you 
Whoa-oh yeah

I'm gonna talk 
Talk about you 
Every day 
Every night 
You know on Monday 
I'm gonna talk 
On Tuesday 
I'm gonna talk 
All day Wednesday 
I'm gonna talk

Every day (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Every night (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
It's alright (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Gonna talk (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Talkin' 'bout (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Tell my brother (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Tell my mother (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Tell my sister (hey-ay-ay-ay) 
Tell my father (hey-ay-ay-ay)

Come on (shout) 
You make me (shout) 
You make me (shout) 
You're makin' me (shout) 
Feel like I wanna (shout) 
Jump up now (shout) 
Come on now (shout) 
Everybody (shout) 
Everybody (shout) 
I'm feelin' (shout) 
That I wanna (shout)