Tudo as coisas ou algo assim

terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2016

Metal Church - Beyond All Reason

Beyond All Reason
Metal Church

Curse the man, curse the prophet, worse the man without any eyes 
Play the madman, play the poet, some say he hides in a perfect disguise 
Less the man that heeds no warning, and lets the sand run through his hands 
His fingers stiff with anticipation, as he plots his next feeble plan

Beyond all reason, he holds the key to life 
A change of season, all answers in due time 
No rhyme or reason, a product of mankind 
But he's not the only one, he's just the lonely one

Since ancient times we've bowed to leaders, leaders only by their command 
Banned together a bond of freedom, from their rule and master plan 
Take the greed, take the power, hold the ring within your hand 
Seize the crown and wield the dagger, it's the path of every man

Slipping through the cracks of the system we have made, staring at life as we fall 
Remembering places and pictures in time, surprised that we have made it at all 
Looking for heroes and praying to gods, uttering secrets we keep 
Hope for redemption and someone to blame, the price that we pay is too steep