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terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Motörhead - Dead Men tell no Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales

This is it!

Breaking up or breaking through,
Breaking something´s all we ever do,
Shoot straight, travel far,
Stone crazy´s all we ever are,
But I don´t care for lies,
And I won´t tell you twice,
Because when all else fails,
Dead Men Tell No Tales

Shooting up away and back,
A bit of guts is all that you lack,
Far behind the stable door,
I know you´ve met that horse before,
But I don´t care for sky,
And this sure ain´t no lie,
At the end of all the tracks and trails,
Dead Men Tell No Tales

You used to be my friend,
But that friendship´s coming to an end,
My meaning must be clear,
You know pity is all that you hear,
But if you´re doing smack,
You won´t be coming back,
I ain´t the one to make your bail,
Dead Men Tell No Tales