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quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013

Thunder - Have Mercy

Have Mercy

Have mercy, if you please
Have mercy on a man like me
You're every inch a woman
But you're barely seventeen
Have mercy, baby please

Girl you got to have mercy
I can't see you
Shouldn't hold your hand
I hear the people talkin'
All I hear is bad
Have mercy, 'cause I'm just a man

Hold on
Hold tight
I'm beggin' you please to
Have mercy, like I said
The moves you're making
Gonna make me lose my head
Don't know where you learned to love
But this old car ain't fast enough
Have mercy, in my double bed

Oh, baby please
Have mercy on me
I can't love you

Have mercy, set me free
There ain't no future for you and me
Everybody knows it
Why can't you see
Have mercy, baby please

You're way too young
We can't carry on
Don't make me love you

You're young and pretty
I'm hypnotized
Shouldn't want her
For my weary eyes
I couldn't fight it
I should run
So I can see heaven's door
Your momma's at the door
She's waiting for you
Me, I don't think I can do this anymore